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Architecting Student Experience – A Life Cycle Approach

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Customer experience has never mattered more than now when it comes to the ways in which technology and humans interact with one another. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has resulted in a merger of the physical, digital and biological environments which have presented both opportunities and challenges. Within higher education, institutions are specifically tasked with ensuring a meaningful experience for their main customers – their student body. In order to do this, institutions must utilize physical and digital tools to architect their overall experiences. Frequency Foundry supercharges the student experience with our Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution, greymatter, which empowers institutions in delivering impactful, simple and innovative experiences for their entire constituent base.

Built on Dynamics 365 and leveraging the Common Data Services model, greymatter encompasses the entire student life cycle from the moment a prospect is first contacted, through to them becoming a potential donor or alumni. Additionally, greymatter takes into consideration all constituents who may have influenced their journey along the way, ultimately providing a true 360-degree view of a student.

Please join Frequency Foundry and Cambrian College as we take you through the journey of the initial challenges faced by the institution, an IT perspective on implementation and full integration, and how greymatter is being used on the Cambrian College campus today. This webinar will also explore the importance of a student journey and value add of understanding student experiences as the institution looks towards the future.

When: June 7, 2019

Click HERE to download the on-demand version.

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