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What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software?

By Michael Gaiga, Technology Consultant

At its core, CRM software enhances a business’s relationship with its stakeholders. Some of these stakeholders could be customers, potentials customers, employees, etc.

In medium to large size organizations, employees will interact with people outside of the business. These interactions will remain between the customer and the employee without a CRM software. If a customer reaches out to a business, but is in contact with a different employee from the initial interaction, the context of the customer’s needs is not available to that employee. This where CRM software comes in.

Employees can record customer interactions in a CRM software to make that information available throughout their organization, so the next time a customer contacts an employee, the employee will have a full view of the customer’s previous interaction and the relationship can be better managed. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an organization with a wide variety of functionality to help its employees better manage interactions including specific modules in sales, customer Service and marketing.

The sales module contains functionality to track sales leads and opportunities from open to close. The customer service module’s core functionality is built around case management and tracking cases until they are resolved. The marketing module focuses on marketing campaigns to aid in lead generation and sales.

The Dynamics CRM software provides performance analytics and allows beginners with limited training to configure forms. It also enables developers to perform extensive customization if desired. Other features include tablet and phone Apps, numerous third-party integrations and add-ons, and full integration with Microsoft Office including Outlook (emails, contacts, appointments, tasks, etc.).

Overall, CRM software is a valuable tool in today’s information age and efficiency-driven economy. If your organization is not using CRM, you better hope that your competition isn’t either.

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