What are people really saying about you on social media and in the news?

Use the power of Microsoft Social Engagement to optimize your reach, spot trends, source interest and receive alerts on how people are feeling about your brand, product or service. Identify key influencers and shape your messaging and sales conversations more personably and effectively.

Intuitive social

Get insights at a glance with voice, location, tag and Cloud visualizations analytics.

Go pro-active with adaptive and predictive intelligence: Adaptive views learn from your feedback and creates custom sentiment models to fit your market niche while intention analysis auto detects user-intent inside social posts and identifies potential leads and cases.

Social engagement

Up your social presence by partaking in social communities rich in multimedia – replying and publishing. Collaborate with team members using Office Groups for assigning posts, sharing streams and social profiles.

Social CRM

Put your social power tools in the hands of your sales, marketing or service teams. Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM so accounts, forms and campaigns can all be viewed on live dashboards.

Integrate social interactions with an end-to-end customer experience to create leads and cases from social posts right inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We help make every client interaction an intelligent one so you can sell smartly and effectively.

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