Made with your sales team in mind and sales person in focus – we create refinement, productivity and collaborative sales teams, with one goal – that sale. We’ll take a detailed look at your products and services, sales cycle and take your people and process constraints into consideration before charting a course to transform you into a sophisticated selling machine.

Customize your sales pipeline

Map and record every stage of a sale as it progresses directly through your sales pipeline. We work with you to create customizable deal stages, metrics tracking, sales team output and management team effectiveness.

Take control of your targets and more accurately predict sales forecasts with our Sales Resonance team of advisors.

Bring your sales pipeline to life

Screen how many deals are completed in each stage of your pipeline so your sales team can access the info they need to up sales activity and lower down time. Here we help track pipeline volume, sales velocity, wins and loses with personalized reporting.

All your account info in one place

See all your accounts – team, events, documents, tasks and activities via one versatile platform. Each stage of your pipeline gets its own exclusive design – data fields, customizable options and unlimited tracking capabilities to assure fluid, easy pulse checks every time.

Status Updates in Real-time

See and click on your latest activities in real-time. Managers can view progress on each team members’ deals and executives will have access to deal activities company wide.

Take the Working out of Work All Together

Dynamics CRM

Create client experiences adaptive across all touch points (retail store to call center to online ordering, whatever your business model may be) while assuring your customer’s time with you feels seamless and well taken care of.

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Power BI

With Power BI Cloud-based analytics, we give you a single view of your most critical business data so you can monitor the health of your company and spot trends using a live dashboard.

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We help make every client interaction an intelligent one so you can sell smartly and effectively.

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