Share and connect with your customers the way they want to be talked to. Through tailored CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions – we help link your client data across multiple platforms to assure enjoyable customer experiences that address any needs and concerns they may have.

Easily manage client activities, form engagement and empower your customers to self-serve. Communicate and support your clients by having full visibility on service, buying patterns and channel marketing opportunities.

Simplify Work

Power BI

With Power BI Cloud-based analytics, we give you a single view of your most critical business data so you can monitor the health of your company and spot trends using a live dashboard.

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Office 365

Change up the way you work with the widest selection of team collaboration tools that help you connect easily with everyone in your organization.

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ADX Portals

Give your customers control over their business, personal information and preferences with you. Build a secure, self-service and mobile friendly customer portal.

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Dynamics CRM

Create client experiences adaptive across all touch points (retail store to call center to online ordering, whatever your business model may be) while assuring your customer’s time with you feels seamless and well taken care of.

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TELAX Cloud Contact Centers

These days business owners are shifting gears and flocking to the TELAX Cloud contact center solution simply because most large-scale companies are already ahead of the curve – offering flexible Cloud-based solutions that dominate conversations and keep customers coming back.

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We help make every client interaction an intelligent one so you can sell smartly and effectively.

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