Core Features

Great features, great product!

Process Optimized

We know the industry inside and out, and our processes reflex that.

SLA Support

Everyone needs a little help, so we offer SLA support to all of our clients.

Free Upgrades

Greymatter is an ever evolving product that gets better with time as features are added and upgraded.

Real Time Analytics

Ever wonder how your department is performing, well stop wondering and find out.

What Matters

Years of working with Higher Education Institutes has guided software features that really matter to you, no fluff no filler.

Plug n Play

Want to add or customize your own features, we can show you how.

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Fully Optimized

Greymatter is built on top of Microsoft's latest and greatest technology: Dynamics 365. Microsoft technology integrates throughout: Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dynamics 365, and much more.

Free Upgrades

Be prepared, Greymatter gets better with time. We invest heavily in continually product improvements because we take pride in delivering the best in industry.

Real Time Analytics

Benefit from real time analytics on how your department or organization is performing right now, not monthly not weekly. Greymatter integrates seemlessly with Power BI (Microsoft's Business Intelligence tool).

Feature Details Some features may require a third party plugin.

Mobile Friendly

Want to access your software using a Mobile App, Web Browser or through Outlook? It's possible

We believe that your software should be accessible via a mobile app, mobile friendly website, or through Outlook. Your software, many ways to stay connected.

Automate Admissions

Admissions can be labour intensive, we've seen Institutes poor man hours into mudane tasks. Don't let this be you.

We can help get you on track. Automate admissions notifications, automatically send Letters of Acceptance, and audit Applications faster, so you can put your effort into what really matters.

Event Management

Managing events can be complex if you don't have the righ tools. We know this area very well

Years of experience in Event Management has been injected into Greymatter. If you are collecting Leads through events, gathering registrations, checking in registrants or sending event reminders and follow-ups, we've got you covered.


Struggling with crafting email templates? Don't know if your emails are being opened and which links are being clicked? Don't worry, we have a solution

We offer full ClickDimensions integration which serves up an easy to use email designer, gives open and click rates, and even an provides a heat map of your emails engagement .

Conversion Tracking

Ever wonder what works best to convert leads into students? Greymatter tracks that!

Giving you the insight into your recruitment efforts. Finally you will know what is working and what is not. Adding Machine Learning into the mix, and you'll have a pretty good idea if a lead will convert!

Highly Integrated

Ever wish you could use the latest and greatest software but your data is stuck in your outdated Student Information System? It's time to change or get left behind.

Greymatter integrates with your Student Information System, and accross the Microsoft Technology Stack: Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Dynamics 365, Power BI, Power Apps, Outlook, etc.

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Step 2 : Implimentation

Implimenting Greymatter involves setting up your environments, deploying the software, and configuring it to your liki

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Step 3 : Training

Even the best software is rendered useless if no body knows how to use it! This is why we follow a tried and tested training plan to get your staff up and running as soon as possible with progressive training and support along the way

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Step 4 : Customizations

The final step is to extend your capabilities beyond our software to allow you to achieve Institute specific functionlity. We will guide you in best practice in developing customizatin yourself, or we can always execute customiztions for yo

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"It's totally awesome, we're could imagine life without it!"

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"10 out of 10, highly recommended!"

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"Our productivity & sales are up! Couldn't be happier with this product!"

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Process Optimized / Free Upgrades / What Matters / Automation