Full life cycle Student Relationship Management

. Are you lacking personalized, applicable information from your students/prospects? Believe in recruitment as much as retention? If you’re checking YES, you need greymatter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM — a full life cycle, constituent relationship management platform.


No longer will spreadsheets, mismanaged contact systems and shadow databases be of worry. greymatter seamlessly spurs recruitment teams to capture, engage, market and successfully convert prospects. greymatter gives you accurate insight into your recruitment efforts to help generate and qualify student leads.

greymatter is integrated with government application portals, student information systems and Office 365 to ensure the recruitment process captures every detail needed to increase conversion rates. Not only can you input prospective student information into the CRM, but also the agent’s or ambassador’s details. This provides your institute with a comprehensive understanding of the recruiter’s interaction with his or her prospect; you can then build on those touch points by following up with targeted communication efforts.

Finally, you will know what is working and what is not. Incorporate machine learning into the mix, and you’ll have an even more extensive understanding for the best approach to recruit students.

Student Services

Want to increase your students’ chances of success?

“One third of students who enter post secondary education expecting to earn a degree leave without one,” quotes the American Institute for Research.

Use greymatter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM as your full, student life cycle solution that gives you essential tools to engage your target populations, understand service breakdowns and re-define business processes that upsurge retention.

Every interaction with a student counts. From recruiting to retention and development, all touch points create an experience. Each experience either builds or erodes trust; we architect that foundation of trust through constituent experiences principled in human-centered design.

greymatter tracks all student interactions, from prospect to alumni. It creates a conversion record of metrics each time the contact type changes (lead, prospect, applicant, registrant, student and alumni) and automates communication accordingly. greymatter also provides a personalized student web portal for service request submission, tracking and editing. Students can book appointments with institutional personnel through this portal, giving them immediate access to human resources.

Donor Management

Interested in fundraising and advancement activities?

Use greymatter to enhance and maintain your partnerships with donors. greymatter’s outbound dialer function assists your development office so it can focus on connecting with donors and alumni rather than dialing the right number, tracking and reporting.

You’re able to accept payment transactions through greymatter and it handles the tracking and reporting of all donations, whether it’s a one-time sum or an ongoing donation plan. Strengthen your relationships with donors by using CRM to acknowledge their contributions, and make them feel appreciated on an ongoing basis with updates and event invites. Keep all communication tracked and logged for reference, and use automated reminders to reach out.

Corporate Partners

Does your institute need to communicate with corporate partners?

greymatter helps to enhance relationships with community and business partners by giving them permissions to access data on students’ academic achievements. Your corporate partners may have a vested interest in how students are performing. Now, they can use greymatter to view student progress using the corporate partner portal.


Struggling to craft email templates?

Don’t know if your emails are being opened and which links are being clicked? We have a solution.

We offer full ClickDimensions integration with greymatter. ClickDimensions contains a user-friendly email template designer, gives open and click rates, and even provides a heat map of your email engagement. In addition, you can create segregated marketing lists for email campaigns that are specifically targeted to the right audience to spark more interest and increase response rate.


Want to access your software using a mobile App, web browser or through Outlook? It’s possible.

We have developed a greymatter App for your smart phone or tablet. This opens more opportunities for recruiters to obtain prospective student information on site while giving an interactive, visual representation of the institute.

Recruiters are often in the field attending special events and talking to potential students. This is arguably one of the most important touch points of a student life cycle because it will determine the course of the relationship between the prospect and the Institute going forward. greymatter’s user-friendly mobile App makes gathering information seamless and efficient. Recruiters are able to have a genuine face-to-face conversation with prospects while engaging them with targeting questions and inputting data on the spot.

What is greymatter for Higher Education?

greymatter brings the right team of advisors, outside-the-box innovators and top-notch programmers to successfully deliver a winning student relationship strategy and solution to best fit your institution.

As competition continues to climb… Colleges and universities need to deliver much more personalized, comprehensive services that recruit and retain the best students.

We help make every client interaction an intelligent one so you can sell smartly and effectively.

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