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Frequency Foundry Inc. developed and implemented a strategic Student Relationship Management software program for Langara College. Frequency Foundry performed analysis, design, development, deployment, and operation phase activities required to implement greymatter CRM for the institute.
Langara College, through the international education (IE) team, recruits and attracts students from around the globe utilizing representatives in major countries. The IE team is dedicated to helping international students find personal and academic success through strong student support and academic guidance. Senior management oversight and strategic direction for this project was provided by an executive steering committee.

The Foundry began by implementing the base technical infrastructure allowing for the installation of its core greymatter product. The college was given a trial of the core components of the product to determine what customizations and configurations were required. Langara and Frequency Foundry collaborated their knowledge to determine a priority order of the requirements or user stories. Frequency Foundry’s development team completed the build through the sprint process which is a sequence plan template for software.

Key objectives for greymatter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM:
• Implement a scalable licensing model to accommodate seasonal / temporary users
• Support prospect management, new student entry and transition, student enrolment and retention (including advising and front counter services for credit and non-credit courses), as well as facilitate relationships with other constituents such as alumni and stakeholders
• Implement best practices in contact management, marketing and other aspects of strategic enrolment management and retention
• Provide a quality platform for reporting and analysis
• Full student lifecycle engagement – prospect to Alumni
• Management and visibility of homestay relationship


Langara College experienced miscommunication within its International Education team. It was needing a more comprehensive and cohesive way of interacting with students, and capturing information to be stored securely. Lanagara was seeking a software program to enhance communication and overall operations within the organization.


greymatter for Microsoft Dynamics CRM was the proposed solution to Langara’s communication needs. Frequency Foundry and Langara College identified the key scope areas for this project to include: support prospect management, new student entry and transition, student enrolment and retention, as well as facilitation of relationships with alumni and stakeholders. Another area of focus was to implement best practices in contact management, marketing and other aspects of strategic enrolment management and retention, as well as provide a quality platform for reporting and analysis.


• Reduction in manual process and resources needed to create and run campaigns
• Analytics on segments, campaigns and programs
• Visibility of student success and progress which enabled appropriate action to be taken at an opportune time
• Enhanced relationships with current students and alumni
• Customized student web portal for service request submission, tracking and editing
• Increased event attendance after using the greymatter App to register students


greymatter was fully integrated with Langara’s Banner ERP and Office 365 Active Directory. greymatter has enabled Langara’s sales teams to proactively identify opportunities. The benefits gained by using the solution are a full student life cycle CRM platform for the college, offering marketing, recruitment, enrolment management, event management, and appointment scheduling optimization.
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