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4 Ways CRM Can Enhance Student and University Relationships

Technology is a tool being used to teach in classrooms every day, but what about using it to enhance relationships with students?

Higher education prospects select the school of their choice and go through the process of admission, course selection, years of study and ultimately, graduation. Most students are just dreaming of the day they graduate so they can embark upon their careers and make a difference in the world.

With some university classes reaching upwards of 400 students, it’s easy to let some fall through the cracks. Where is the personal connection? The student relationships? What will make alumni want to give back to their institute?

These are all questions that Frequency Foundry staff members have asked themselves while developing greymatter for Microsoft Dynamics 365. There seemed to be a need for such relationship software in higher education and we have developed a constituent relationship management (CRM) solution that is specifically designed for this industry.

greymatter is a full life cycle student relationship management solution that touches on each step of the student’s journey throughout college or university and helps to customize and optimize their education experiences.

1. Recruitment

greymatter for higher education encompasses the entire student life cycle, beginning with recruitment. This is the first touch point that an institute has with a prospective student. Before the student ever applies to the college or university, recruiters can showcase the school’s differentiating programs, sports teams, campus culture, and anything else that may interest the student.

Providing a prospect with all the right information is key, and first impressions are everything. A recruiter is able to use the greymatter app for smartphones and tablets to showcase the school that he or she is representing while on the field at trade shows, high schools or recruitment events. This is extremely beneficial because the institute can position itself above the competition.

Information about the prospect such as name, email, geographic location, area of interest, previous education, and more, can be captured at this touch point. This information is extremely valuable, as now the institute knows its prospect and can tailor future promotion and campaigns to his or her interests.

2. Events

Event registration and management has never been easier. Understanding your prospects means being able to gear event invitation to their needs. Why waste time by not targeting each prospect for what he or she is already interested in? The chances of attendance are much greater, and you will have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with students at the recruitment event.

Face-to-face engagement is still paramount when it comes to building relationships. With the mobile app, you’re able to register prospects on the spot. You’re also able to use a third-party email automation feature to offer the event registration to other qualifying prospects and to remind students to attend or to provide additional information.

3. Communication

Communication is the main component here; effective communication with students will, no doubt, enhance their overall understanding and experience while attending post secondary. greymatter allows for enhanced two-way communication. Simply sending out broadcast emails to students reminding them to register for class or attend an event is not good enough. You need to have personal connections and frequent touch points with students to increase retention.

As staff members communicate with students, whether it’s via email, phone or chat, all interactions are tracked and logged in the CRM. The communication log can be available to all staff members, so the student’s history can be seen by the next person who is interacting with the student. In addition, you can construct customized marketing emails, analyze engagement, set automatic reminders, search specific criteria and more with greymatter.

4. Automation

Automation makes everyone’s life easier. greymatter has automation capabilities such as processing communications for admissions applications and sending of the letter of acceptance. greymatter seamlessly integrates with your institute’s student information system and will update accordingly. You can also create mass email campaigns and auto responding emails using our third-party ClickDimensions integration. Applying greymatter’s automation capabilities will free up time for other areas of importance.

No longer will spreadsheets, mismanaged contact systems and shadow databases be of worry. greymatter seamlessly spurs recruitment teams to capture, engage, market and successfully convert prospects. As competition continues to climb… colleges and universities need to deliver much more personalized, comprehensive services that recruit and retain the best students

Every interaction counts. From recruiting, to retention and development, all touch points create a student experience. Each experience either builds or erodes trust; we architect that foundation of trust through constituent experiences principled in human centered design.

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By Chris Stachiw | February 26, 2018 | | 46 Comments


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