Welcome to Frequency Foundry. We’re independent thinkers, bold-idea raisers, business-problem solvers and technology enablers who propel you from business challenges into strategy and progress.

We modernize, develop and quickly deploy new IT capabilities so you can serve people and customers better via intuitive, secure and connected systems.

Our philosophy? Customer resonance. We believe in remarkable people interactions – instinctive technologies that first and foremost drives a mindset of disruptive, pervasive positive transformation. We help our clients win more business and secure loyalty through holistic human-centered design, brand strategy, consumer research and specialty tech development and implementation.

Meet your new best friends, our customer experience gurus

Shekar Kadaba
Shekar KadabaCEO & VP - Customer Experience
 Victor Dantas
Victor Dantas Chief Technology Officer
Dave Steen
Dave SteenDirector - Customer Experience
Annette Palmer
Annette PalmerSenior Business Consultant
Lyndsay Kowalick
Lyndsay Kowalick Senior Business Consultant
Karthik Srinivasan
Karthik SrinivasanSenior Business Consultant
Corinne Bittner
Corinne BittnerManager - Customer Success
 Val Maly
Val MalySenior Technology Consultant
 Eduardo Silveira
Eduardo Silveira Technology Consultant
Michael Gaiga
Michael GaigaTechnology Consultant
Ilzat Yusup
Ilzat YusupTechnology Consultant
Venkat Gopaliah
Venkat Gopaliah Senior Technology Consultant
Deepika Goyal
Deepika GoyalManager - Finance and Accounting
Renee Graumann
Renee GraumannCoordinator - Customer Experience
Elissa Grohne
Elissa GrohneStrategist - Customer Engagement
Shawn Stubbs
Shawn StubbsTechnology Consultant

We help make every client interaction an intelligent one so you can sell smartly and effectively.

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