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Our philosophy? Customer resonance. We believe in remarkable people interactions – instinctive technologies that first and foremost drives a mindset of disruptive, pervasive positive transformation.

We help our clients win more business and secure loyalty through holistic human-centered design, brand strategy, consumer research and specialty tech development and implementation.

Meet your A.C.E. team

(Architects of Customer Experience)

Shekar Kadaba

Shekar Kadaba

Chief Experience Officer

Shekar is a business leader, entrepreneur, customer experience consultant and CEO of Frequency Foundry. With a portfolio comprising energy, higher education and financial services, and a strong focus on customer relationship management, his expertise is in helping organizations optimize relationships and architect constituent experiences. Shekar is responsible for overseeing sales, business development and project delivery on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Telax platforms.

Charles Finstad

Senior Vice President of Sales

Charles has a strong track record in professional services having run both sales and delivery inside several profitable consulting practices. He has worked within larger Systems Integrators to build practices around ERP, CRM, IT and custom software development. Charles has successfully blended his finance and technology education and experience with his consulting delivery and business development skills to help spearhead the Foundry's sales and growth initiatives.

Victor Dantas

Chief Technology Officer

Victor is a highly accomplished software development engineer (MCPD .NET 4.0, Azure and Dynamics CRM certified developer) specializing in object-oriented design and analysis with experience in the full life cycle of the software development process. Victor has excellent leadership, management and problem-solving skills that help to motivate his team and execute projects on time and on budget, creating winning customer experiences.

Dave Steen

Customer Experience Director

Dave is a senior project manager who leverages a rich technical and management background along with relationship and team building skills to communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders. He has industry experience in oil & gas, technology, transportation, education, and government. He's recognized by his colleagues as a respected leader and a hands-on, proactive trouble-shooter with great team building and change management skills.

Deepika Goyal

Finance and Accounting Manager

Deepika is a professional, driven, and dedicated accountant with years of experience in full cycle accounting, WIP analysis, preparation of financial statements, cash flow and profitability analysis. She oversees the Foundry's finance department with a unique attention to detail and strong leadership skills. Deepika is always up for a challenge and thrives on problem solving; she is a team player with clear decisiveness and confidence in everything she does.

Why are we called
Frequency Foundry you ask?

You’ve worked with IT consulting firms that claim to build the most functional software which your users hate. You’ve worked with agencies and creative shops that build the fanciest User Interface that ever existed. But wondered why the two never got together? 

Here at the Foundry we create (foundry) solutions that allow you to resonate (operate on the same frequency) as your customers.


Our driving philosophy is quite simple. We work to transform both your sales and customer experience, transcending the status quo of your industry or category.

Shekar Kadaba


Shekar Kadaba

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